First Post


I’m Caroline Rusnock, a student at Arizona State University, getting ready to graduate soon with a BFA in Intermedia Art (digital arts)! Yay! The core of my art focus is on animation and design. I love the digital arts and am a huge Photoshop nerd. From photo manipulation and compositing to digital painting, i’m a Photoshop pro. So,  if anyone needs any work done feel free to send me a message! I also work with video and web design. Aside from school and my art, I love reading, I probably read at least an hour a day. Other fun facts: I’m a big gamer, I am obsessed with Zelda! I love rabbits, I have a big black bunny named George who lives in my room (potty trained) like a cat. He’s my little buddy and my life!  Also, I love Disneyland, I visit at least once a year and this year I got to go to Club 33!!! And lastly,  I just got engaged! Yeeeaa!


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