So where to begin?! Here are some of my short term goals for the semester and my steps to getting there:

1. get my portfolio together

-almost done with this but mainly I need to create an animation reel and video reel… asap!

2. make a hard copy mini flip book of images

-gather images

3. research, research, research! Find places to apply both locally and out of state

4. apply!

But what about long term goals? The future is such a mystery and I am excited to see where I will go and I was thinking recently if i could have ANY job what would that be? Here are a couple of those dreams:

4. Build sets and do animation for movies like Coraline. I love, looooooove tiny things and meticulous jobs that have a huge pay off. All the work that goes into stopfilm animation is simply amazing.

3. Be a Pixar Animator. How can I describe in words what I think of Pixar? This would be my ultimate dream job. Everything they do is so perfect! And I don’t just mean they’re movies! The working environment they provide their employees is so progressive and amazing,

2. Write and Illustrate a children’s book. I began my journey as an artist from the inspiration I gained in reading children’s books. Not only were books a great source for my imagination (and they still are) but I began drawing the images I read, which started my whole love for drawing! So I would love to give something back, and inspire future youths. Child imagination is such a crucial part to growing up and as Peter Pan would say its something we should never stop doing!

1. Be Indian Jones. Ok who wouldn’t want to be Indian Jones? Or at least live like him! Nerdy (yet suave) professor by day, badass archaeologist/adventurer by night! Not to mention pretty good with the ladies 😉 (haha!) But mainly how cool would it be to go on a real adventure and kick some (Nazi) butt and be a modern day (and totally realistic) super hero. Plus you get the added bonus of Shortround for a side kick 🙂


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