My Dream Studio

Things I already have:

Bran-new desktop computer with two monitors! yay!!!, Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Corel, Wacom Intuos tablet…and thats about it!

Things I need that I won’t have once I graduate or need asap:

Programs: Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Pixar’s RenderMan

Devices: Nice Camera and HD video camera, high quality scanner and printer, an extra monitor, better mouse and mouse pad


A large desk with a wide work-space with drawers  and a keypad drawer for my tablet.

A separate yet comfotable room

A stylish but comfortable desk chair and chair for visitor

Creative styling that will spark my imagination: frame art and picture, shelving, decorative knick-knacks, cozy lighting (ceiling and hanging such as paper lanterns, and desk light)

Painted Walls

A Tv and DVD Player

Shelves of books and DVDs and magazine holders

Speakers to set the mood

Wood flooring

Ideal Location? somewhere with Forrest, I’d like to see trees out my window

A drafting table for laying out and cutting board for prints n’ such


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