Inspired Design: vintage blue china wrapping paper


A Hidden Challenge

For my digital compositing class I am continuing with my same theme as with my video work: exploring my grandparents marriage and why it was so successful. But I am finding unlike with video, I was having a hard time coming up with an image that really brought my concept to life. However, I think I just made a breakthrough! Here is a digitally composited piece about my grandparents love, made from their actual photographs and letters.

I Last Read…

My favorite series The Wheel of Time is finally coming to a close. From its start in 1990 the final book will be released January 8th 2013!!! Currently I am re-reding the series in preparation and just finished the 9th book Winter’s Heart, its a long one but a goody! In my eyes these books totally rival Harry Potter and LOTR. Imagine the force in Star Wars meets the magic of harry potter, but set in a scene similar to LOTR. If your looking for a new epic to read get on board with The Wheel of Time!


An Image Saved

I am currently working on a documentary video art piece about my grandparents.  In this documentary I investigate their love throughout the years (56), how they ran away together, and how they are now. I have been rumaging through their old photos and came across these adorable Polaroids from their senior prom