My most favorite, FAVORITE game of all time is The Legend of Zelda. Looooove it, I’m a total a die-hard fan, I buy every Zelda game that comes out, and re-play them all the time. Of all the Zelda games I gotta say I love Ocarina of Time the most, you just can’t beat the classics. But I love the new ones too, especially Twilight Princess (Skyward Sword was awesome but a bit to easy). So in the spirit of the internet I made a Keep Calm and Carry On meme for the game

here is a screen shot from Zelda Ocarina of Time:

and my Zelda version of the Keep-On meme:


My Dream Studio

Things I already have:

Bran-new desktop computer with two monitors! yay!!!, Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Corel, Wacom Intuos tablet…and thats about it!

Things I need that I won’t have once I graduate or need asap:

Programs: Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Pixar’s RenderMan

Devices: Nice Camera and HD video camera, high quality scanner and printer, an extra monitor, better mouse and mouse pad


A large desk with a wide work-space with drawers  and a keypad drawer for my tablet.

A separate yet comfotable room

A stylish but comfortable desk chair and chair for visitor

Creative styling that will spark my imagination: frame art and picture, shelving, decorative knick-knacks, cozy lighting (ceiling and hanging such as paper lanterns, and desk light)

Painted Walls

A Tv and DVD Player

Shelves of books and DVDs and magazine holders

Speakers to set the mood

Wood flooring

Ideal Location? somewhere with Forrest, I’d like to see trees out my window

A drafting table for laying out and cutting board for prints n’ such

As Seen In…

Sooo I work at Ulta and recently got hooked on this product line called H2O Plus. I started using their products because first they don’t do animal testing, and second they use all natural ingredients (and they were changing their packaging so some of the products went on sale hehehe). So I first started using their Sea Pure Creamy Facial Cleanser because I have super sensitive skin and acne so I wanted something pure that wouldn’t screw up my skin further with harsh chemicals. Well Viola! I love it! Its super gentle, smells good, annnnnnnd (drum roll) tastes good! Why does it taste good?! Because they literally packed it with natural ingredients (don’t believe me? taste it!) It also helped clear up my skin! Yay!! So I am hooked on their products now, and also love their Sea Moss body wash. In addition I love the name: Sea Moss and the visuals that the name depicts. So I started thinking of alternate packaging ideas from my own thoughts and here is what I came up with. Just a fun design exercise:

A New Digital Era

We are in the midst of a new digital age, and that means a new digital era for art. I would like to present a video art piece of my own: Synchronization.  Synchronization questions the merging of nature and technology. What is the future of nature? Is the next phase of technological evolution the merging of nature and machines? We are in the midst of a new technological age as technology has become naturally integrated into our lives. This video depicts this merging as a natural process: a harmonious sync of technology and nature growing into one.


So where to begin?! Here are some of my short term goals for the semester and my steps to getting there:

1. get my portfolio together

-almost done with this but mainly I need to create an animation reel and video reel… asap!

2. make a hard copy mini flip book of images

-gather images

3. research, research, research! Find places to apply both locally and out of state

4. apply!

But what about long term goals? The future is such a mystery and I am excited to see where I will go and I was thinking recently if i could have ANY job what would that be? Here are a couple of those dreams:

4. Build sets and do animation for movies like Coraline. I love, looooooove tiny things and meticulous jobs that have a huge pay off. All the work that goes into stopfilm animation is simply amazing.

3. Be a Pixar Animator. How can I describe in words what I think of Pixar? This would be my ultimate dream job. Everything they do is so perfect! And I don’t just mean they’re movies! The working environment they provide their employees is so progressive and amazing,

2. Write and Illustrate a children’s book. I began my journey as an artist from the inspiration I gained in reading children’s books. Not only were books a great source for my imagination (and they still are) but I began drawing the images I read, which started my whole love for drawing! So I would love to give something back, and inspire future youths. Child imagination is such a crucial part to growing up and as Peter Pan would say its something we should never stop doing!

1. Be Indian Jones. Ok who wouldn’t want to be Indian Jones? Or at least live like him! Nerdy (yet suave) professor by day, badass archaeologist/adventurer by night! Not to mention pretty good with the ladies 😉 (haha!) But mainly how cool would it be to go on a real adventure and kick some (Nazi) butt and be a modern day (and totally realistic) super hero. Plus you get the added bonus of Shortround for a side kick 🙂

First Post


I’m Caroline Rusnock, a student at Arizona State University, getting ready to graduate soon with a BFA in Intermedia Art (digital arts)! Yay! The core of my art focus is on animation and design. I love the digital arts and am a huge Photoshop nerd. From photo manipulation and compositing to digital painting, i’m a Photoshop pro. So,  if anyone needs any work done feel free to send me a message! I also work with video and web design. Aside from school and my art, I love reading, I probably read at least an hour a day. Other fun facts: I’m a big gamer, I am obsessed with Zelda! I love rabbits, I have a big black bunny named George who lives in my room (potty trained) like a cat. He’s my little buddy and my life!  Also, I love Disneyland, I visit at least once a year and this year I got to go to Club 33!!! And lastly,  I just got engaged! Yeeeaa!