As Seen In…

Sooo I work at Ulta and recently got hooked on this product line called H2O Plus. I started using their products because first they don’t do animal testing, and second they use all natural ingredients (and they were changing their packaging so some of the products went on sale hehehe). So I first started using their¬†Sea Pure Creamy Facial Cleanser¬†because I have super sensitive skin and acne so I wanted something pure that¬†wouldn’t¬†screw up my skin further with harsh chemicals. Well Viola! I love it! Its super gentle, smells good, annnnnnnd (drum roll) tastes good! Why does it taste good?! Because they¬†literally¬†packed it with natural ingredients (don’t¬†believe¬†me? taste it!) It also helped clear up my skin! Yay!! So I am hooked on their products now, and also love their Sea Moss body wash. In¬†addition¬†I love the name: Sea Moss and the visuals that the name depicts. So I started thinking of alternate packaging ideas from my own thoughts and here is what I came up with. Just a fun design exercise:

A New Digital Era

We are in the midst of a new digital age, and that means a new digital era for art. I would like to present a video art piece of my own: Synchronization.  Synchronization questions the merging of nature and technology. What is the future of nature? Is the next phase of technological evolution the merging of nature and machines? We are in the midst of a new technological age as technology has become naturally integrated into our lives. This video depicts this merging as a natural process: a harmonious sync of technology and nature growing into one.