My video art piece: Forever & Always   <—- click here to watch!

Forever & Always is a video documentary about the life and love of my grandparents. Through them I investigate marriage, and more specifically what creates lasting relationships. To this day my grandparents have been happily married fro 55 years. What made their marriage successful and how do they continue to make it work? I present to you a true story of love that endures.

My video art piece:  Synchronization

Synchronization questions the integration of nature and technology. What is the future of nature? Is the next phase of technological evolution the merging of nature and machines? We are in the midst of a new technological age as technology has become naturally integrated into our lives. This video depicts this merging as a natural process: a harmonious sync of technology and nature growing into one.

My First Video Art Piece: Lusting Thirst

***Also here is a link to my blog containing work I did for a class specializing in Adobe Premiere


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